"Our Gremlins find unexpected gems from talented creators and bring them to the public." 
What is Story Gremlin?
  Our gremlins have scoured the world for the great short-form content, only bringing back the best of the best  
Story Gremlin is a unique content platform that delivers you stories in a range of formats across multiple genres.

Buy a BRIBE for a gremlin and it will fetch you a HAUL of fresh content. Each HAUL contains 2x short films, 2x short stories and a chunk of an original comic — all randomly selected from our curated database.

We feature everything from talented industry newcomers to Emmy-award winners on the platform.

Gremlins are unpredictable. You never know what they're going to find. But they have pretty darned good taste, so it's going to be unique, different, unexpected, or just plain great.
The world is flooded with content platforms. We made something unique.

What makes Story Gremlin different?
Story Gremlin has two major differences to most platforms:

  1. We use randomisation to generate a package of content: a lucky dip of stories
  2. We help creators generate an income from their minor works — short stories, short films and comics. Traditionally, creators have trouble selling these as there aren't many strong platforms focusing on them (they're our core business)

Story Gremlin is all about the experience. To engage our customers, we use fun and playful designs which are just the tiniest bit dark. Not only is the content randomly-selected from our database (we only accepted 3% of what we reviewed), the Bribe you give the Gremlin and even the text on the website is constantly changing.

Gamification also features – customers can level up to get better packages, rare collectibles and other perks

What's the deal for creators?
The SG core team are creators (a writer, a producer and an actor), so we know a lot about the challenges and economics of the industry. Thus, we want a deal that is risk-free and fair.

Here are some key points for creators who we invite to be part of the platform:

- When a customer makes a purchase, they receive a package of content (a "HAUL")
- HAULS contain 5x pieces of content and 50-70% of the net sale price goes to the creators
- Creators earn a commission every time their work is included in a HAUL
- Customers can easily find creators' bios and external links so you can grow your fanbase
- Creators give SG a non-exclusive licence to include their work on our platform. This means they can still use it elsewhere, e.g. publish it on their website, submit it to competitions or festivals etc.
- Customers are only allowed to watch/read/listen to content and may not distribute it in any way.

Creators can earn bonuses by using referral links.

If you refer a customer to SG and they make a purchase:

  1. You will earn a small referral commission
  2. Your work will be included in the customer's first Haul. This means you earn two payments for referring people to us!
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